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Our Philosophy

TELE - TEKAM's philosophy can be summarized in the words:
Responsibility, reliability, quality, speed with flexibility and competitive prices.

Responsibility: We are fully aware that our customer's rely on us to provide them with the service they expect and that their business depends, to a great extend, on the kind of services we offer.

Reliability: We pride ourselves that we consistently deliver reliable installations, irrespective of the effort or cost involved. This has come, over time, to be appreciated by our customers, who feel confident that Tele-Tekam will deliver to them a reliable product.


Quality: The quality of the services we provide and of the end product we deliver is the pillar of our company's philosophy. All the work is done by Tele-Tekam's permanently employed personnel, to whom the company's high quality standards have become second nature.

Speed with flexibility: Our company, Tele - Tekam S.A., is devoted exclusively to telecommunication installations with very long experience in this field. This, together with our exceptionally large range of tools and instruments, as well as, our fleet of approximately 30 vehicles makes us extremely flexible and speedy operators.


Prices: Our well organized and equipped work teams, systematic scheduling and experience enables to be cost competitive, always in relation to our high quality standard.