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Our services

Tele - Tekam specializes in the installation and maintenance of mobile telephony base stations, microwave links, leased line
installations, military telecommunication projects, as well as, TV transmission systems and in particular:
The erection of antennas masts or pylons, cable trays and supporting metal structures, antennas supporting poles and antennas snow shields.
Installation and maintenance of antennas and antennae cables for all types of radiation systems in the field of telecommunications, broadcasting, television etc.
Installation and maintenance of complete base stations, both indoor and outdoor, for mobile telephony including masonry built or metal equipment rooms.
Installation, allignment and maintenance of all types of MW links.Installation and maintenance of mobile telephony antennas.
Installation and maintenance of indoor and outdoor base station mobile telephony, GSM and MW quipment, racks, power supplies, batteries, wiring, etc.
Installation of fiber optics.
Installation and maintenance of antennas for leased lines.